Day 363

Yesterday was day 363 of my 365 day countdown to a new photographic me.

My favorite places to shoot are anywhere I feel I won’t get jacked when I am shooting. Jersey City, where I live, is a city of abandoned and dilapidated buildings so there is a lot for me to shoot and finding a spot minus the people is required. I find using the LCD screen as a sort of eyes in the back of my head tool comes in handy.

Small details of decay and abandonment catch my eye, a chain link fence broken, bent, rusted or worn down by time make it into my imagery a lot. I took the two photos below with my ND8 filter, but I don’t think I am using the filter for its intended use, which seems to be slowing down the flow of water to something akin to milk pouring down a river bed. Although I like photos of waterfalls and streams, I want to affect the colors and light of the things I love more so than be another milky, streamy photographer.


Here are a couple of shots with the ND filter on my 18-135 lens for my Canon 50d on the stuff I love. It was about 6:45pm and the sun was setting over Jersey City’s Dickinson High School on the hill above the lot I was taking pics in.

With my 50mm lens at about 7:45pm I put on Hoya Macro lenses and stepped out front of my apartment to shoot the vines and flowers that grow with abandon. My landlord is the kind of guy who loves to let it all hang loose vegetatively. The macro lenses – I had 2 stacked on the front of my 50mm – got me the kind of shots I have been wanting to take, but at a price I can afford. I’m not ready to jump in and buy a true macro lens so this will do for now. Going to work with my new gear for 6 months to get the best of what’s available.

I do some post processing on my ailing Dell laptop (brick) in Photoshop Elements 6.0. In my real work life I use the full Adobe creative suite – as my full time job is in the creative field of backpack design and product development. For now, at home, on my budget, I use Elements and make due with what I have to get the best results I can. I don’t think that investing in new equipment will make me better, I think working and more working coupled with study and more working will improve my skills, my compositions and ability to make nice pics.


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