One Per Month – 2011 Pictorial Review

2011 was my first complete year with a DSLR. Until November 2010 I didn’t know what the term DSLR stood for-something digital er-other? My brother upgraded me from a FujiFinepix point and shoot to a Canon 50d in November 2010. Sad but not tragic a lack of digital terminological prowess hasn’t kept me from getting out to shoot hundreds of frames weekly.

Despite the lack of experience I was fortunate enough to have some of photos in local gallery shows during winter and spring. Being open and sharing my photos showed me the other side of the camera – the side that has professional expectations – properly sized prints and professional looking frames. I’m more of a thumb tack on gypsum board girl than a professional, but the experiences were good and have shown areas where I can grow in relation to my art.

My visual voice seems to be all over the place and different from what sells in the real world (stock photography in particular), but for 2012 I will try to focus on projects and themes and see how that influences my work. Studying blogs and ebooks by David duChemin, Digital Photography School, National Geographic, Chase Jarvis, Ian Shive and so many other amazing photographers has helped improve technical knowledge and taught me other ways to see and shoot. I can’t wait for 2012 to start. I don’t know what next year will bring, but I’m anxious to put my finger to the trigger and shoot.

1/2011 Jersey City Path Train

2/2011 Liberty State Park, NJ

3/2011 Jersey City, NJ

4/2011 Hong Kong

5/2011 Kitchen Refrigerator

6/2011 Jersey City

7/2011 Jersey City, NJ

8/2011 Clifton, NJ

9/2011 Jersey City, NJ

10/2011 San Francisco, CA

11/2011 Topsail, NC

12/2011 Denton, Texas


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