Shooting Macro: Kenko Macro Extension Tubes

In the summer I bought  Hoya Macro filters for my Canon 50d 50mm lens. They are an inexpensive way to take macro photos without having to buy a macro lens. The filters work well for what I do. I’m not a medical macro shooter or interested in getting up close and personal with bug eyes.

My desire with a macro shot is to create a mood and visual experience. I’m interested in the color and texture of the image. I want my macro shot to resemble paintings such as Rothko’s. Color, texture and feeling mean more than the subject matter – it’s Macro Expressionism (new term coined here today!).

This Christmas my family gave me Kenko Macro Extension Tubes.

Kenko Extension Tubes

None of my photography is technical in that I can tell you exactly what I did with the exact settings – I simply keep in mind the F-stop and ISO in order to expand or contract the depth of field, but the end product is my goal – not the technicalities of the experience.

Below are 8 images from the past weeks since Christmas. If you want to try Macro a cheap way to do it is with the Kenko tubes or the Hoya filters. They are easy to use incorporating your existing lenses without a big investment.

Macro Expressionism - Soft Petals

Macro Expressionism - Soft Purple

Rain and Street Light Bokeh on Glass

Dried Petals

Broken with Petals

Sketch Book Bent Wire


Coca Cola Crate Close-Up

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