Repetition in Subject Matter

How many times do you shoot the same thing? Do you keep getting the same results?

I’m motivated to shoot 10-20 shots of a subject regardless of the outcome. The weird part is I don’t even always like what I’m photographing, but I keep at it. Maybe something good will come out of my exercise or maybe not? I won’t know unless I keep going.

Here are 7 pics from the same stretch of fence line out in the country.

Fences and empty landscapes in the country can yield a dirth of subject matter or you can focus on something that’s repetitive …. The main point is keep clicking away. Keep changing the camera angle. Keep analyzing the foreground to background to focal point. Keep it going and see what you get.

Gnarled Pine Cone

Broken Branches

Blue Cone

Classic Pine Cones

Hidden in the Shadows

Cones in Sepia


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