Macro Expressionism Sunday

I am going to ask you a question I already know the answer to… Have you googled Mark Rothko images lately?

Yeah, I didn’t think so! It’s cool if you haven’t, but if you want to see what comes up take a look  here. There’s a sea of blocky, boxy color field paintings.

The reason I’m sharing Rothko’s swarm of paintings in google is to remind myself that regardless of how I may be intimidated by my own interest in limited subject matter – no matter how much I may be afraid of taking pics of the same macro expressionistic work over and over and thereby pigeonholing myself – successful careers can be built upon simple conceptual frameworks and limited subject matter.

Photographers such Art Wolfe, Ian Shive, Sara Lee all focus on what moves them – and they make it work!

Today I played with macro flower shots and got some expressive images. Seeing these printed in a large format would do them justice.






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