North Carolina at Sunrise

Every year since 2009 I have been to North Carolina for a week’s vacation. My son has been stationed at Camp Lejeune nearby Topsail Beach, NC.

Topsail is a quiet place on the southern end of the North Carolina coastline. It’s a quiet beach front filled with vacation houses, retirees and military families. Because we rent in off-peak season it’s a fantastic location to get beach shots without swarms of beachgoers.

I’m going to miss the family vacations we’ve taken to visit him annually. Thankfully he’s finishing his 4 years of military service this spring.

November was our last trip to Topsail, and these are some of the photos I took one morning at sunrise. My dad and I have taken a lot of photos in North Carolina… and he is the one who got me started with photography. I remember him taking us to the local camera shop in the 70’s to buy dark room supplies… I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Just Before Sun Up

Shrimp Trawlers To Work

In the Morning Rays

Beloved Blur and Bokeh

Translucent Sardine

Dune Fence

Twisted Fence Wires



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