MACRO EXPRESSIONISM, Manifesto of Expressionism in Macro Photography

In January 2012 I posted about Macro Expressionism off the cuff as my style of photography. I do love the intimacy I feel when photographing an object close-up and pulling into the frame a world unseen.

Most modern Macro photographers are concerned with conveying the visual truth of an object, whereas my intent is to apply my subjective preferences and create an atmosphere from the object’s details and my interpretation.

The aim of Macro Expressionism is to create not replicate.

I published a manifesto on Amazon which discusses historical references in photography and fine art which are the basis for Macro Expressionism.

Excerpts from the book, MACRO EXPRESSIONISM, Manifesto of Expressionism in Macro Photography:

The image is a synthesis of the struggle to discover content and the ability to overcome the limitations of the naked eye.”

“The frame becomes the ‘arena in which to act’ which is similar to the technical description the art critic Harold Rosenberg ascribed American Expressionist “Action” painters in the 1950’s.”

Fine art critic from the 20th century described his interpretation of Abstract Expressionist painters. His interpretation of their style is relevant to the Macro Expressionist photographer of the 21st century:

“The painter no longer approached his easel with an image in his mind; he went up to it with material in his hand to do something to that other piece of material in front of him. The image would be the result of this encounter.” Harold Rosenberg

For more on Macro Expressionism, please read: MACRO EXPRESSIONISM, Manifesto of Expressionism in Macro Photography

The book includes 14 photos which represent the idea, a formal synopsis of Macro Expressionism, a Manifesto and the 7 tenets of Macro Expressionism.


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