Vision is Better – David Duchemin’s Vision is Better 2

There are so many photographer’s in the world who are professionals and publish their work, but the one aspect I like about David Duchemin is that he not only shares his vision, he shares it via the written word.

This morning reading through one of his ebooks, Vision is Better 2, he brought up a solid point “…the point, for most of us, is deeper photographs, not merely larger ones. This world needs stronger, more honest photographs that are true to their creators. Art is meant to be a gift; if the best the world can do is praise the sharpness, or technical merits of a photograph, we’ve failed to bring a gift.”

For me, being honest in photography means putting aside what I think will make a great photo. What if taking a photo of the dirty window isn’t high art? Or what if my photo of the harbor outside isn’t going to grace the walls of a gallery? I probably won’t be that person who makes a living from my hobby in photography because to do that would require as much focus as I put into my day job…. and that’s more energy than I have every 24 hours.

But I can make images from what I find unique or beautiful around me and share those photos with my family and friends – and that’s the gift I give to them. Taking honest photos of the world around me and sharing my vision with others to enjoy.







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